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Lightweight Mailing Lists for GitHub (et al)

There ought to be a way of communicating with users of a library on GitHub. It seems particularly useful for people (like me) who maintain a number of open source libraries that have a significant, but not large, user base.

For example, memjs, postgresql-orm and simple all have fewer than 100 "stargazers". Moreover, these libraries are pretty low volume. However, occasionally there are significant changes and being able to announce, e.g., a breaking feature change or solicit feedback on a particular change would be incredibly useful.

It seems overkill to ask users who have simply "starred" or "watched" a repository to sign up for yet another mailing list, and managing a mailing list, as the maintainer of a small project, seems daunting. On the other hand, posting issues doesn't seem to cut it (as far as I can tell, "starring" a repo on GitHub doesn't make updates for the repository even show up on a user's feed).

A lightweight form of communication, like a mailing list you were automatically signed up for if you starred a repo would be great. Since this would be targeted at low-volume repositories, I imagine communications would be unified (a user would get messages from all repos they followed in the same place), so subscription to a particular repository could be opt-out.

It would also make sense to have some categorization of messages that users could filter. For example, a user might only be interested in major release notifications or, instead, might want to be included in a higher volume of discussions about proposed feature changes.

Anyone know of something like this?

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